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A unique meditative experience for your whole family!

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Meditations for the whole family

Meditations for kids

Mediation for Parents

Children's soulful stories

Guided affirmations & mind-mastering exercises AND more!  

"Heidi Faces her Fears"

"Heidi Faces her Fears"

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Everything starts with our thoughts, our ego-mind. This is where empowerment stems.
(nice & short) Meditations
FAMILY Meditations, 
Affirmations & Visualizations
Meditations & Inner Well-Being for KIDS
made EASY & FUN!

An inspirational family meditation app!

Travel inwards for empowerment together

Come venture the Ego-Less islands

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The Islands

From our vision of building an ego-less world, your beautiful virtual wellness map was born... Come exploring! From Happiness and Confidence Islands all the way to Anxious-Less and Stress-Less islands. We have islands for every mood. 


Whether you are a busy parent who needs to relax and quiet your mind, or a family looking to deeply connect, or a child facing a life challenge needing to overcome negative thoughts. We have an inner adventure for you.

Your child can also choose their own adventure and follow the fun dragon stories to learn mind-mastering lessons and meet the interesting Ego-Less characters! 


Ego-less is the single destination for effective solutions for better mental health and inner well-being. Journey through the Ego-Less world to awaken yourself, your child, and your whole family. Together travel inside to feel empowered on the outside! 

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NEW blogs!

Journey into

your deepest self.

And take your family with YOU!

Be a confident parent

who is in touch with your authenticity.

Raise confident children with

 positive, awakened minds.

Enrich family connection

and consciously evolve together.

and why not have some FUN while you're at it!

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Chantal Lysysk, BC Canada

Ego Less family app will change the world one family at a time, how wonderful to be able to teach your kids to meditate and have them experience through fun stories. How exciting learning and positively can truly be!

Matthew Meder, MB Canada

"Me and my family love this app. You made it so user friendly and simple to navigate through. Thank you for the Journey so far! Two thumbs up & 5 Stars"

Chelsea Arns, MB Canada

My kids and I love listening to the calming meditations and stories about Dev the Dragon. They are perfect for nurturing their imaginations and preparing them for a night's rest.

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