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created by

Karen R. Litinsky Mpsy.D RMT

Karen Rose Litinsky is a mother of two young boys, Author of Destruction Cycle, and owner of Paradise of Reality Wellness Centre in Winnipeg, MB Canada.

After achieving her studies in Metaphysical Psychology, and graduating in 2006, Karen has specialized in holistic lifestyles, massage therapy, inner well-being and energetic psych. With specific interest in Shamanic, Taoist, and Tantric practices. 

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Ego-Less is a family app full of meditations, visualizations, affirmations, stories, and other empowering exercises. 

'Ego" refers to the chatter in our mind that is based on our sense of self, sense of separation. As we learn how to quiet our minds and consciously choose our self-talk, we shift from being victims and become powerful creators in our own life. 

We help you and your family TAME the ego and TRAIN the ego. Traveling inside to feel empowered on the outside. 

Our mission is to increase global inner well-being and proactively focus on the mental and spiritual health of families, children and coming generations. 

Our (non-religious) heart-centered philosophy is a celebration of our oneness and the interconnection of all life. Believing as we unite with ourselves and with life we naturally access the wellspring of happiness. 


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