Ego Issues: Choose the Right Meditation App to Elevate Your Way of Life

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Each one of us has a distinct personality and identity. The way you present yourself to other people is the manifestation of your thinking. There are some instances that people misunderstood you by the way you respond to their actions. So, it is not that easy to explain yourself since they are not the ones in your shoes.

On the other hand, you can easily make judgments without knowing the whole story. This is not a helpful thing since it contributes to the negative factors of an individual. We have different beliefs and opinions, making it a bit hard to create a harmonious relationship with others. Thus, there will be times that it is hard to keep a calm and peaceful state.

Fortunately, there is something that you can do to have a peaceful mindset. You should maintain good mental and emotional health. In this regard, you will learn to understand where your companion is coming from deeply. Before you dig into the thoughts of other people, discover yourself first.

What should you know about Ego?

Ego refers to the mind's identity of your own construction. This means you are more than what you think of. If you take all of the beliefs about yourself, you have the structure of your ego. Your talents, abilities, and aspects of your personality will characterize your skills. However, your mental construction of yourself is artificial. In this regard, you might come up with the thought that the ego is a static thing. But the truth is, it is not. It is a dynamic part of your personality that plays a vital role in developing emotional states in your life.

The ego stands behind the "I" and "Me." When you have certain thoughts and agree to those slightest convictions defining who you are, you are creating your ego. In all cultures, creating a self-image is a fundamental part of socialization. You know where you stand in society. As you grow older, there will be conflicts and problems that may arise. It is unavoidable that at some point, what you believe when you were a kid will change as you become an adult.

The ego is hard to determine. It lies behind the opinions that appear to be true. It is an attachment to your identity's descriptions because people are not used to looking for their ego. The conducive way to look for your ego is to follow the trail of your emotional reactions. Anger, justification, insecurity, jealousy, acceptance, and other emotions are parts of your emotional reactions.

The most misleading characteristic of ego is that it creates powerful emotional reactions and then criticizes your decisions for how it made you feel. The anger that you feel comes from the ego. It often depends on your beliefs on what is right and knowing better than anyone else. The ego also changes to the righteous self that knows better and blames yourself for exaggerating your anger.

Since ego has various aspects, getting rid of it is not that easy. Just like a tree that has overgrown in your backyard, you might need enough time to trim it down. Therefore, you need to work on it, little by little. The same concept goes to your ego. What you believe in yourself is hard to contradict once you grow old. But as time goes by and you come to realize that changes are a consistent part of your life, you will learn about it.

How can Meditation create a peaceful atmosphere for your Ego?

Having emotional and psychological battles are hindrances for you to have a peaceful life. But, one approach to overcome these issues is meditation. Meditation is not about being a different person from what you believe you are. It deals with training in awareness and having a healthy mindset. Through this process, you are not trying to eliminate your own thoughts and feelings. Thus, you are learning to perceive them without prior judgment. As a result, you will understand other people very well.

Learning the skill of meditation is the same as learning other skills. Take it as an exercise for your muscle that you have never worked out before. It takes regular practice for you to get comfortable with the process. Meditation comes with different faces. You should know what you need to change so that you can choose the right path for meditating. To help you get started, below are different types of meditation to learn:

  • Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation comes from the teachings of Buddhists. It is the most common meditation type in the West. In this meditation, you focus on your thoughts as they go through your mind. You don't judge your thoughts or be involved with it. You just observe the patterns and take note of them. This type of meditation associates the concentration with full awareness. It will be helpful for you if you will focus on an object or your breathings while you pay attention to bodily sensations, feelings, or thoughts.

  • Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation is common in Eastern religions. Some of them are Hinduism, Daoism, and the Christian Faith. It is comparable to a prayer wherein you reflect on the silence that you feel around you. If you are seeking a deeper sense of connection with your God or the Universe, this type of meditation is suitable for you.

  • Focused Meditation

This type of meditation deals with the concentration through any of the five senses. Focused meditation might be simply based on texts, but it is hard for beginners to maintain their focus longer than the first few minutes. If your mind is drifting away, you must ensure that you go back to meditation and refocus.

  • Movement Meditation

Even though most people think of yoga when they hear this practice, movement meditation might involve walking, gardening, and other minimal movement forms. It is an active type of meditation where the physical movement guides you towards peacefulness. Movement meditation is applicable to people who find tranquillity in active practices.

  • Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is famous in various teachings like Hindu and Buddhist cultures. This practice utilizes a repetitive sound to clear an individual's mind. This means that it can be in the form of a word, sound, or phrase. After repeating the mantra several times, you will gain your focus and awareness of your environment. Mantra meditation gives you a deeper sense of awareness. Some people find enjoyment because they find it easier to pay attention to one word than breathing exercises. It is also fit for those people who like repeating words to maintain focus.

  • Transcendental Meditation

This is the most popular type of meditation. Transcendental meditation is scientifically studied. It is more flexible than mantra meditation by using word series specific to each individual. Transcendental meditation is for those people who want structure and serious about focusing on a meditation practice.

The best way to start your meditation process is to sit down quietly and focus on your breath. Meditation can be a good help to reassess your ego. Your ego contributes to various emotions that might affect your relationships with others once you cannot control it on your own.

In this modern era, people are continuously facing complicated issues and problems. Mental and emotional health is at higher risk. Moreover, you need to pay close attention to your mindset and thoughts. You should learn how to deal with your emotions to be able to achieve a peaceful life. Meditation is a way to lessen your ego and the stress that it will help along the way.

The Final Takeaway

The connection between ego and meditation may seem easy but what we have discussed above is just a part of that. They have a deeper connection that somehow helps a lot of people deal with their state of mind. But, it is important to remember that meditation is not about trying to escape and dive into something otherworldly. It is being more connected and intimate with the reality of the world. It is an act of being calm and trying to see a storm as a normal rain. The mind is complicated and there are times that it will mess up everything in your life, meditation will make you see things on a lighter note. It will make you realize that there are things that are not hard as it seems to be.

Your mind is full of wonderful and valuable thoughts, try to focus on the positive side of it. The way you perceive yourself is the way that you can influence other people and it is more satisfying to influence people with positivity. However, if you are experiencing stress and storms in your life, it is normal to take a big break. You are allowed to pause everything and focus on having inner peace and self-improvement. Keep in mind that aside from physical health, emotional and mental health is also important.

Thanks for reading!

Written by: Venus Calingasan

Photo by: Simon Migaj

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