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If you’re going to ask me how my everyday routine was, I will probably summarize it with two words: stressful and uptight. Having to meet deadlines and dealing with people who are in different fields with diverse beliefs is tiring and triggers the mind. Imagine facing them 8 hours every day, who would not be anxious, right? But the dreadful routine does not end there since I also need to compose myself every time I encounter work-related issues. This is called professionalism in the 20th-century ladies and gentlemen.

But at the end of the day, I find myself overthinking and stressing over things that seem “just” to others. My anxiety eats me up daily, and it is quite hard to overcome something that the mind perceives. But somehow, I manage to survive each day. Well, there’s no big secret or grand gestures on how I do this, I just happen to be lucky to have found helpful tips and a fantastic application online – the Ego-Less App.

The Ego-Less App helps me tame my Anxiety and Stress

Now, you may be wondering what this Ego-Less application is, well, this is an application that has a unique stress-relieving approach. It was launched on August 8th, 2018, which aims to share powerful exercises, meditations, pep talks, and visualizations for stress and anxiety relief. The goal is to stop or distract us from the triggers of stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, and conflict by visiting the islands on Remedy Reef and taking in some of the ego-less techniques, breathing exercises, meditations. It is a perfect fit for those who are looking for a quick-mind-fix (like me). Also, it is a helpful app for those who are beginning to take steps on their journey to self-improvement.

Ego-Less offers raw, organic Ego-Less method to change your experience of life from inside out – for the long haul. It features different islands for different types of needs. They have islands for happiness, sleep, confidence, fear, stress, ego, relationships, conflict, and sadness. Each island contains different contents that will help you deal with the mentioned aspects. But among the islands, some of my favorites are:

· Stress-Less Island – A preview text that says, “You can do anything not everything” caught my attention. In my field of work, I encounter stress a lot, and what I like about the most with this application is that it contains a lot of audios that will help you while working. I love listening to music and sounds so, and I highly recommend this app to those people who have their earphones plugged in their ears all day. The audios are definitely worth hearing. This island also features videos that are perfect for watching with family after work.

· Sad-Less Island – now this island is fascinating. It does not only contains guided meditation audios. It also has short audios with the sound of nature! This is perfect for people who love to be with nature but don’t have the time to go out due to busy schedules. It is a helpful guide to those who feel sad most of the time and finds it hard to feel happy. I also personally prefer this island because I am not a person who finds it easy to open up to someone.

But, aside from this application, I have found more tips on how I can manage to work appropriately every day. Dealing with stress and anxiety is not easy; it never was. But, it is vital to keep in mind that the only person who can help with this problem is myself. So, finding ways on how to overcome them during working hours is the best thing to do. Because let’s be honest, we can’t just leave work and leave the problems hanging around at the end of the day. The process varies depending on how light or heavy my day is, but most days, I do the following:

1. Take a quick break. This is on the top of the list because it actually works for me. Whenever I feel like there’s too much on my plate and feel like I can’t process anything, I make sure to take a break. I try to walk around or drink water and breathe for 5-10 minutes. Also, I listen to Ego-Less meditation audios. This method somehow helps me rewire my brain and think clearly. Meditation became a part of my daily breaks, which contributes to calming my nerves.

2. Educate yourself and read. Most of the time, what stresses us out are things that we are not too familiar with and topics that we don’t quite understand. So, to overcome this, I educate myself by reading relevant articles and news that will make me comprehend things. It also often helps to understand other people’s perspectives about different things in life. Ego-less app also has various articles that discuss things that will help tame the storms inside me. Not only have I gained knowledge, but it also helped me relieve my anxiety when the same topic occurred in the following days.

3. Use the magic of the pen. I don’t know if it’s just me or other people also do this, but whenever I have a lot of things in mind, I grab a pen and a paper and write random stuff there. Sometimes I also doodle or draw whatever images pops up in my head. It may seem weird, but this tip surprisingly helps lessen stress and anxiety. I also have a journal wherein I write whatever things I am thinking of. Whenever I use Ego-Less app, I also take down notes about the points that will help me get better. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, journaling brings a lot of benefits to people who often encounter stress and anxiety. By doing this, I get to remind myself everyday of the essential things I need to do to get better.

4. Maximize the modern technology – The Internet. A lot of people may say that the Internet is not healthy for the mind, but with moderation and the right use, it can help us more than we think. However, most people use the Internet primarily for social media. But we have to remember that there’s a lot more than that! There’s a lot more in life than posting pictures online or sharing funny, relatable posts. The Internet is a wide place to find things that will help you in all aspects of life. One thing that I do to help myself overcome stress and anxiety is to find and download helpful apps in the Internet. Among the apps that I searched the Ego-less helps me the most. As mentioned earlier, this app has a lot of features that will not only entertain you but can also help you manage your stress and anxiety.

These are just some of the tips that I can share that actually works for me whenever workdays get stressful. Please take note that this may or may not help you deal with your stress and anxiety as the effectivity of methods varies depending on the person and situation. But hopefully I can help you relieve your stress and anxiety just like how Eg-Less helped me with mine.

Most Powerful Takeaway: Lessen thoughts and ego

There are times that we forget that we have control over our lives. And since we encounter a lot of problems in life, it somehow makes us weak and even tricks us into thinking that we are powerless. But, we have the power to change that. Don’t let the negativity eat you, and it will bring no good and will only stop you from being the best version of yourself.

The mind is more powerful than we actually thought. It can affect your life in all aspects, so making sure that we can control it is essential. What I learned in Ego-Less application is there will always be a storm of thoughts and clouded perceptions, but how we deal with is more important than the storm itself. We need to dance with the clouds and discover how we can drive away from the clouds that affect our thinking. Decluttering the mind will make all hard things less-hard. Start enjoying the journey of life more by investing on things that will make you a better person. Leave the black and white world of the ego and begin living in high definition.

All in all this application can give you short-term Ego-Less coping strategies and long-term Ego-Less transformation. If you are interested in this application, you can visit their website: This is also available on the Apple store and is free to download. The Ego-Less Journey is an intense challenge with intense rewards. It will take you on an underground journey into your inner lairs to begin the life-time adventure of taming your ego. Transform your inner rivalry into your best alliance and soar upwards in life. Start your journey today and embrace the better you in the future.

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