The Ego-less Story

Hi my name is Karen Litinsky, the creator of Ego-Less. I am a mom of two young adorable boys, the owner of a holistic wellness centre in Winnipeg Manitoba and the Author of Destruction Cycle.

How the Ego-Less seed was planted,

My personal ego-less inspiration fired up a long time ago, about 15 years or so, in my old equine teaching and training days. When I had an extremely unusual life changing experience one afternoon, in the middle of a busy day at the ranch… I had just sent out a big ride and I was walking across the field looking down at my crammed clipboard, when a spontaneous awakening of oneness crashed through everything I thought knew. Words can never properly describe what happened to me that day. But in that instant, my “sense of self” instantly dissolved and an entirely new world opened up to me. It felt like I had been hit by a random ah-ha train, and it slammed me into the absolute connection of all life.

This experience was profoundly euphoric.

Up until this moment, I had no idea I was living in this subpar black and white reality – and now that black and white reality had been punched out and the high definition of life had swallowed me whole. I was flooded with the most intense and beautiful emotions I’ve ever felt. The course of my life changed forever that day. Although, I had come back down to some form of “normal” within hours afterwards, the bar on happiness was raised significantly. I knew that this new world I had touched was my home and I needed to find my way back.

I was never all that spiritual before this. So I really didn’t know where to begin. But after rummaging through the self-help section at the book store, I finally found some answers… I learned that magical awakening is called unity consciousness, and soon pieced together what had happened to me. In that amazing experience that afternoon at the ranch, a part of me had been eliminated – and that part was my ego. The missing ego-ingredient took away my limited senses.

Our ego is the loud, identity-based chatterbox in our mind that is constantly judging experience and giving off the illusion of separateness… In that pivotal moment of unity consciousness, mine was gone. Completely. No ego whatsoever. And this glimpse of egolessness was heaven to me.

From here, I dove into my studies in Metaphysical Psych, meditation, energy practices, massage therapy, and other holistic and spiritual worlding seeking, mostly with Shamanic, Taoist and Tantric undertones. I began to do some serious, hard core inner reprogramming and self-discovery to find my way back home.

After years of metaphysical research and building my own inner practice, what better place to put it all to the test, than the tropical paradise of Thailand.

One nice, hot January afternoon, my hubby and I were holidaying to the beautiful coast of Ko Phi Phi island. However, it hadn’t felt like much of a holiday thus far. I had been internally working my tail off our entire trip. Weeks of trying to live in a meditative state, policing my own mind, mindfulness boot camp, deleting judgements around the clock, searching to find beauty in everything, holding my attention steadily in my heart, etc. It wasn’t very fun and I was almost ready to throw in the towel and just let my ego be a free-run ego, so I could let my guard down and enjoy my trip already… But right after the hardest resistance, it happened.

As our boat had docked on the shore and I was stepping on to the wood plank, the long-lost familiar wave of bliss took me by surprise, splashing red-hot awareness and unity consciousness through every cell in my being. I was home. Once again. One with everything, and everything one with me. And it was just as euphoric as I had remembered it to be. It was as if I had been ripped completely open from my heart and released into aliveness.

There’s more to this story, but I’ll save that for another time;) However, as you can imagine – after these two incredible world-shattering experiences, I’ve never looked back. I am determined to lessen egos and celebrate the high definition of our world of oneness.

How the Ego-Less seed grew,

After all of this self exploration, Ego-Less was born. “The Ego-Less System” as I had called it back then, started out as a 30-day online program for adults. This would have been some time around 2009. With this intricate program, I had built a small network of ego-less practitioner’s around North America that were to collaborate with me in building an online ego-less world. HOWEVER, the universe had other plans…

Hectic website crashes and massive technical delays kyboshed everything. Interestingly, this blessing in disguise lead me to Dr. Adrian Robertson MD, who I had met in a meditation class (to help me calm my stress from it all:) Adrian showed interest in my half-started passion project and together we decided to join forces.

Adrian became my angelic investor that took Ego-Less to new unprecedented heights. He was the one to decide on the cute little dragon, evolve Ego-Less from a website into an app, and helped me manifest my vision of the virtual Ego-Less world. (Thank you Adrian!!! I will forever be grateful for you and our friendship).

As thing shifted with COVID and all, Adrian had to step back, leaving me in full control of Ego-Less once again.

This is when I made the big decision to transform Ego-Less into a family app. For many reasons, but mostly because I believe if we are really going to help the world become ego-less it needs to start with our children and in our homes, as families.

I think that with a powerful shift in the messages and inner wisdom that we feed our children, we could have a good handle on the mental and spiritual health and wellbeing of humanity’s future. It’s a big dream I know. A dream I share with many of you. And I feel that Ego-Less is a strong step in the right direction. It’s all about empowerment, really. That’s how we, and our youngsters can reach our creative potential for change. And it all starts from within. Inside of our wild and powerful minds, past the limitations of ego – in the world of possibility.

Thank you so much for being here and embarking on this journey with me. I am very excited to see how we all evolve Ego-Less together, as a passionate community for global consciousness. I truly hope that you enjoy the app. I’m always working hard to make it better and help more people. So please send me you and your families comments, feedback, testimonials, suggestions, pictures, and stories!!! You can connect with me at

Cheers to our journey together.

Karen Litinsky Mpsy.D RMT

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